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The name "community" represents the agenda of the magazine in three different ways: to begin with, "comm" stands for the intent of communicating important information to as many members around the world as possible. The term "unity" represents the endeavour to promote the oneness of the international Church in this manner. And the term "community" is also intended to encourage our international fellowship to continue growing together, despite all cultural and social differences that exist around the world.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Christ, our future!, Five dimensions of freedom, A treasure that makes truly rich, The beginning of human life, Therapy and faith:partners on the path to healing.
TOPICS INCLUDE: Professing and Loving, Nothing is possible without hope, People after the heart of God, Divine calling and exercise of ministry, A church in which people feel at home 
TOPICS INCLUDE: Let Us Trust In God, The Lord Does Great Things For Us, Earn Nothing and Receive Everything, Following the Precepts of Scripture 
TOPICS INCLUDE: Happy in following, Christ makes free!, the kingdom of God: both a present and future reality, The right choice: God has priority!, Everybody should feel loved, The significance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 
TOPICS INCLUDE: Christ makes free!, It is God who grants salvation, God blesses those who trust Him, Behold, I am coming quickly, Working hand in hand for the well-being of others
TOPICS INCLUDE: Pentecost - The activity of the Holy Spirit, Unity in the congregation, The return of Christ, The Church between cultures, The International Youth Convention celebrates our diversity
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