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The History Museum of the New Apostolic Church USA

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January 24, 2014 Chicago, Il

The History Museum of the New Apostolic Church USA, located in the North Troy Street church in Chicago, was dedicated on Saturday, January 24, 2014 by Apostle Orlofski. The local congregation and guests were invited to attend this event.

District Apostle Kolb began the History project in 2010. The goal was to collect and document the histories of the congregations and districts in the USA. It was also to display various artifacts donated by the members.  Over 40 local historians contributed histories and pictures of their congregations. 

The Museum contains a pre-history relating the re-establishment of the Apostle ministry and the birth of the New Apostolic Church in general.  It further contains the history and pictures of the church activities in the USA. 

In the collection is a time line of congregations and events, and displays of books, music, youth events, jewelry, communion chalices, periodicals and much more.

Visits to the museum can be made on an appointment basis, by calling the Administration Office in Chicago.

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