New Apostolic Church USA


Down By the Riverside

August 16, 2015  Williamsport, PA

The Divine Service Guide for Sunday, August 16th referred to the "abundance  of blessings from God".  Our gathering at the Lockcuff summer residence, 80 feet above the Susquehanna River in northern Pennsylvania, was certainly proof of His love and abundance of blessing!


The Lord Jesus conducted some of His services by the shores of lakes and streams. That prompted our gathering in Williamsport where services are conducted by the PA District ministers twice monthly. On this day, the members gathered at 9:30 AM, sang hymns together with an organ accompaniment and all were served from Above. Even some kayakers way down the ravine in the river stopped to listen to the music which echoed in the canyon.


These souls are among the most loving and faithful that comprise the membership of our beautiful faith. They are always hungry for His word and blessing and don't hide their joy of faith under a bushel either. One of the sisters called her mother in South Africa that same evening and discussed the service for almost two hours on the phone...and they had just spoken the day previous!


This causes us to ponder in our own souls: When is a service over? When was the last time I spoke about the service long, long after it was officially over?

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