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Rooted in Faith

August 2, 2015 Atlanta, GA


The Carolina and Georgia District Youth groups came together in Atlanta, GA on July 31-August 2 for a weekend of faith, fellowship, and fun. Whether throwing a football or Frisbee around or delving deeper into our prayer life; there were lots of smiles, laughter, and contemplative moments.

On Friday, the group spent the evening together with dinner, games, and activities before heading to the hotel for the night. Saturday, the group headed into downtown Atlanta to explore the Georgia Aquarium and visit the World of Coca-Cola. After the city adventures the group headed back to church to explore aspects of our faith, the discussion focused on being rooted in prayer and scripture. The youth had the opportunity to write, draw, color their prayers and lay them on the altar. To see the prayers at the altar was a powerful image. As was shared in the divine service the following day, “You learn more about someone when you have a conversation with them. Are we having conversations with our Heavenly Father? Are we learning about Him?” The youth also learned that the Bible is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The Old Testament is like the peanut butter – full of protein and nutrients, but a little dry just by itself. The New Testament is like the jelly – sweet, tasty, but by itself a little too sweet. Only when they’re together do they make the perfect combination.

Sunday was a wonderful time of music, worship and sermon. The analogy was given that just as grass intertwines its roots for strength, we need to intertwine our roots with our brothers and sisters in order to be strong and support one another. The youth had a fantastic weekend deepening their roots in prayer and scripture while in the fellowship of each other.

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