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Sealing and Retirements in Allentown

December 13, 2015   Allentown, PA

Sunday proved to be a very special day for our congregation where Apostle Fendt served.  He held the Holy Sealing of two children. In addition, two of our ministers were placed into retirement, Priest Robertson and Priests Jacobs.

The Apostle mentioned "looking in the mirror (of the word) and seeing if we have developed more and more into the image of Christ.” Sometimes, if not most of the time, we see more need for improvements.

The Apostle’s preparation for Holy Communion was extra special. Christ was alone at times, forgotten, forsaken, and tortured. His best friend(s) denied Him, seemed to be sleeping in His darkest hour and just didn't seem "to get it" after so many explanations and experiences. Yet when He entered the upper chamber and all sins were removed (forever, not to be remembered any more) He merely greeted them with the words: "Peace be unto you!"

Our God does not remember our sins either...hopefully we will develop into His image more and more and "finally get it.” We have so much New Apostolic Church material at our disposal; we should consider what we talk about all the nice it is if the service is discussed on the way home, the next morning, the next day....

Priest Robertson mentioned in his serving that "we never say "NO" to the Lord.” And Priest Jacobs was reminded of the fella’ looking in the mirror and saying: "It doesn't get any better than this....but it should!" Both were retired with honors and their wives were thanked for all their sacrifices too!

On behalf of all of us active in the ministry here in the PA District, we congratulate these priests and their loved ones. We extend a heartfelt “Thank You” and wish them a furtherance of God's fullest blessing.

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