New Apostolic Church USA


A Milestone Birthday

December 20, 2015 Reading, PA

On the Sunday before Christmas, our Sister Margaret Lessig received a special word in recognition of her milestone birthday. District Elder Hoelzle shared the greetings from our Apostle and wishes for God’s richest blessings.

He spoke of the Bible account about ‘talents’ given to some, pointing out that God is interested in what we do with them. He also told of when the woman washed Jesus’ feet with oil and dried them humbly with her hair: In Luke 7:50 Christ told the woman “…Your faith has saved you…go in peace.”

Faith is not a talent, it is a gift. The District Elder used these examples to provide comfort and strength for Sister Lessig. Knowing her life’s experiences, he personally witnessed how her faith has increased, guided her and been her support. Our Heavenly Father has seen and appreciates this even more. Using her talents to do good works coupled with her faith will lead her to salvation. He will provide for her into the future and will not leave her. That is our faith and… much like Jesus told the woman, she can go into the future with peace.

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