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Fear of Giants?

April 3, 2016 Limerick, PA

PA District youngsters and their parents enjoyed an exciting Sunday designed with love. An interactive service began bright and early at 9:30 a.m. Many voices joined in singing “Stand Up for Jesus” which tied in nicely with the theme of the day: Overcoming fear when threatened by ‘giants’ we meet. District Elder Hoelzle opened service with a Bible text from 1 Samuel 17:47, the words that the boy David spoke to Goliath.

Soon after, teachers involved in the Children’s Ministry took turns recapping the story and it didn’t take long for the drama to begin: The giant Goliath in full armor (and on stilts) walked up the center aisle for all to see. The crowd filled with fear and felt that the giant was so big he would destroy us. A young volunteer agreed to become the shepherd boy, David. King Saul told David that he was just a child and he would fail. Refusing the ‘heavy’ armor they put on him, David said that he would stop Goliath without it and prove that God is amazing. Then, our “David” used a sling shot and nerf balls to defeat the giant!

The giants we meet may be bullies at school, schoolmates who want to argue or make fun, or maybe a difficult school subject may seem like a giant. As David did, we just have to believe and trust that God will help. David didn’t shrink from the challenge; he ran toward Goliath and trusted the tools he had. But it didn’t end there, when the army with Goliath saw him defeated, they ran away. So the Israelite people who had been threatened could see that it could only be David’s God that was with him.
Priest Fitzgerald prepared for Communion using some visual aids as he interacted with the children to compare the valuable nature and power of water with that of Holy Communion.

Before service we watched the lively video recap of last year’s THRIVE weekend family camp program. So memorable, it had the children humming along to the catchy songs they had learned. After service, before going to the fellowship room for lunch, the teachers shared the THRIVE plans for this summer. After a group photo, we were anxious for pizza and fresh veggies. Next stop, the nearby bowling alley awaited our reservation for a lot of family fun

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