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VBS Ocala - Pets Unleashed

June 3, 2016 Ocala, FL

Kids love critters… that why our weekend VBs “Pets Unleashed …Where Jesus Cares “Fur” You…was such a hit! We were together on June 2 and 3 for fun!

We loved the music and songs. We saw a video about a service dog. The dog actually visits children that struggle in school.

At Projects with a Purpose we mixed wild flower seeds, potting soil and air-dry clay to create seed bombs. The children made packages to store the seed bombs in and were encouraged to share them with others to help “beautify” God’s awesome earth. We also learned to braid and made “tug” toys to send to the local animal shelter.

Each day we joined together at the Pet Playground for some exciting games. What’s it like to try to train an animal? Pets don’t always do what you want. We learned that by playing a great game. We jumped into a “slimy fish pond” to try to keep a balloon in the air. We played tag and each child was a different animal – the turtle didn’t stand a chance.

At Bible Adventures – kids experienced the daily bible stories hands on. These stories help kids connect to real life. On Day 1 we visited various stations to discover God’s word. We learned about the Lord’s Prayer – and what the words really mean. On Day 2 we discovered what it might be like to see Jesus nailed to the cross. He died for our sins! We are so thankful.

It was fun being together!

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