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A Milestone Anniversary Blessing

June 5, 2016  Bucks County, PA
Retired District Evangelist Herman Losch and Gladys Losch received their 65th Wedding Blessing given by District Elder Hoelzle. The theme of the blessing came from a simple, familiar choir hymn, "Jesus what didst Thou find in me, that Thou has dealt so lovingly?" This phrase prompted him to ask our Heavenly Father of all the items that He could “find in” them. The list was extensive: Faith, perseverance, loyalty, futuristic thinking, kindness and love to His children and much more.
The District Elder mentioned that even today, nearly 21 years after the District Evangelist's retirement, he is still very much active in the Lord's work. He still is on the organ schedule and sings in the choir. He and his wife are very active in the districts' Young at Hearts activities. The District Elder also made note of all they had done in the past to promote the Lord's work in the Pennsylvania District.
A special Bible verse was provided from the book of Tobit where it instructs about piety, honoring one’s parents, giving alms to the poor, intercessory prayer, marriage, and following the Holy Law. It was brought out quite vividly that this wedding couple has been a faithful example of all of these traits.
Their anniversary blessing also happened to fall on the same day as the District Evangelist Losch's 86th birthday.

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