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National Synod 2016

The USA district had its annual National Synod from September 23 – 25 in Detroit, Michigan. USA district leaders, bishops, and apostles were invited join in this national meeting that covers governance issues and current projects and programs that will be the focus of the USA district strategy over the next years.

The event started on Friday with a conference of the apostles, bishops, and directors. The others, including the district leaders and some of the flagship rectors, arrived during this day. The synod began on Saturday at 8:30am and lasted until 6pm. The District Apostle opened with a spiritual discussion of serving the Lord with gladness. Various topics were discussed, such as:

• Deeper understanding of the sacraments and the development of preparatory procedures

• New Biblical research to develop the Culture of Giving in the district church

• FaithArc, which involves strategies to engage and equip Sunday School students, youth, and young adults

• New fiscal model for congregations to increase transparency and facilitate planning

• New welcome program and resources to be introduced in 2017

Other topics that arose in the meeting were the usage and promotion of NAC-USA resources, influx and care of Congolese members in the USA, the photo release policy, and the usual accounting reports and legal procedure.

District Apostle Kolb conducted a divine service for this group on Sunday morning. Thereafter, question-and-answer time and further discussions completed the event and the group departed for home after an information-filled weekend.

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