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150th Anniversary in Chicago

150 years after Chicago’s first New Apostolic congregation was founded, District Apostle Kolb welcomed the congregation on October 9th to a special anniversary divine service with a text from Psalm 136:2-4: “Oh, give thanks to the God of gods! For His mercy endures forever…”

The first three words from Acts 2: 42 “And they continued …” were also given as benchmarks to answer God’s question “where are you?” in:

•building up fellowship

•understanding the Apostles’ doctrine

•thankful praying

•deepening devotion to Christ in the Holy Communion

Apostle Orlofski also assisted in the divine service. As the home of the History Museum of the New Apostolic Church USA, it’s important to note the history of this congregation. The forefathers of the New Apostolic Church in Chicago can be traced back to Priest Jakob Westphalen, who established the congregation in 1866. Apostle Heinrich Hoppe joined the congregation of 25 adults and approximately as many children in 1872.

The services were first held in the home of Sister Siepelt. After a few years, she relocated her home to the back portion of her property and gave the front portion to the congregation as a building site. On that site, the members erected the very first church-owned building in North America. In 1905, the church building was sold and the members moved further north, holding services in the home of Elder Freudenburg.

In 1917, the present church building was erected at the corner of Troy and Grace Streets. Attached to it is the central administration office for the United States.

Over the years the Apostles Mierau, Erb, and Hiby, and the Bishop Strang served God’s children in North America from this base. In the mid 1970’s a Spanish-speaking congregation was started, using the same building. Today there exists a Spanish-speaking congregation in Melrose Park.

In 2014, the History Museum of the New Apostolic Church USA was dedicated in the church and visits are encouraged.

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