New Apostolic Church USA


The Fall Festival

October 23, 2016  Brooksville, FL
On Sunday the Florida West Sunday school children, parents and teachers gathered in Brooksville for our annual c.  The weather was perfect all day.  We began with worship and a special service.  Our text was from Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times.  He is there to help when trouble comes."
Priest Bumbach told us about Geese and why they fly in a "V" formation.  We learned that as each goose flaps it's wings, it gives a lift to the one immediately following.  It has been determined that flying this way gives the geese 70% more flying range.  We also learned that when geese "honk" they are giving encouragement to one another.  We talked about how geese work together and how we need to look after each other.
We then heard the story of David and Jonathan.  They made a covenant to each to be faithful friends.  We talked about what makes a person a good friend. We learned that when King Saul wanted to kill David, Jonathan tried to talk him out of it.  Jonathan protected David.  They had a true friendship that was bound by their faith in God.
To prepare for communion our Sister DeeDee talked to us about "habits".  Habits can be good or bad.  Occasionally we will do something that is not right, it is difficult the first time we do it.  Maybe the second time we do it, it is less difficult.  Then it becomes a habit.  She used one of our Sunday school students to demonstrate how bad habits we bind us.  But, we can ask for forgiveness and work hard to break that habit.
Following the service we gathered outside to eat "festival" food, play games, and go on a hayride.  It was an exciting and fun-filled day.

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