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District Apostle visit to Haiti

From March 3rd to 5th, District Apostle Kolb was in Haiti to hold two services and be with the brothers and sisters there.

Traveling with him were invited guests including Pr. Slade from New York who formerly served in Haiti, Pr. Pierre from New York who is Haitian and acted as a translator, Ev. Russell from Jamaica, and Ev. Bynoe from Guyana.

After arrivals on Friday, the weekend began with a divine service for ministers and wives on Saturday morning in Leogone. There were 44 in attendance. After this service, a two-hour question and answer period was held, during which deeper understandings and teachings came to light. The group then shared lunch together and traveled to a school for a tour. This school was set up by District Elder Davenel and needed some reconstruction after the 2010 earthquake that caused a lot of devastation. The day ended with dinner with some ministers and their wives.

Sunday morning began with an hour and a half drive to Gressier, where the divine service was held in a school auditorium. This divine service was the first service for the departed with the sacraments that was witnessed in Haiti. Out of the 518 who could attend the service, 108 were guests. This experience of fellowship with so many brothers and sisters was a joyful experience for all.


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