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Chief Apostle visits the Museum of the New Apostolic Church USA

In 2010, an initiative was started in order to document and preserve the history of the congregations in the USA district. This information would eventually reside in what is known at the Museum of the New Apostolic Church USA. Over 40 volunteer historians from the various districts worked to gather narratives, pictures, and video clips of their respective congregations. After two years, this gathering of data was finally completed in 2012.

The next step was to choose where the museum would be located. It was decided that the Chicago North Side congregation would house the museum, as the church itself is also a part of history; it is one of the USA district’s oldest church buildings, built in 1917. In 2013, the museum was dedicated by Apostle Orlofski and became the home to the displays of the histories and artifacts that members graciously donated to the museum. A local minister, who is an architect, helped in designing the displays.

Altogether, the museum contains a timeline of the Church’s history, stories and pictures of the congregations, including mission lands, and some video presentations. It also houses an artifacts area displaying musical recordings, recordings of past apostles, jewelry, antique chalices and a communion wafer press, periodicals, and books, including Bibles from various time periods.

Two retired ministers are the volunteer curators who help manage the museum. On Friday, June 9, they were able to show Chief Apostle Schneider around the museum, who was in Chicago to hold a divine service on Saturday and Sunday. Through their explanation of the displays, Chief Apostle Schneider was able to experience some of the history that has shaped the district Church into what it is today. Members from around the USA, who had travelled to experience the Sunday divine service with the Chief Apostle, also took the opportunity to visit the museum. Over 100 visitors perused the history of the USA district Church and even offered to contribute more artifacts to the museum.

The History Project Group is pleased to share the history of our Church and it would be a worthwhile trip to Chicago to visit the museum. Email to schedule a visit.

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