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Season of Thanksgiving

As introduced in the Summer VISION:

Many of the holidays we celebrate in our church are preceded by a season that builds our anticipation of the celebration. For Christmas, we have Advent. For Easter, we have Passiontide and Holy Week. For Pentecost, we have Eastertide. We also want to create a season of Thanksgiving to carry us towards this holiday. During this season, we have the opportunity to be intentionally aware of what God has given us, to increase our joy in Him, and to strengthen our trust in Him. Starting on the first Sunday of October, each service leading up to Thanksgiving Sunday will have a time in worship set aside to focus on an aspect of giving thanks to God:

  1. Gratitude for God, the Father
  2. Gratitude for Jesus Christ
  3. Gratitude for the Holy Spirit
  4. Gratitude for the church of Christ
  5. Gratitude for the salvation power for the departed
  6. Gratitude for our congregation and our childhood in God

This should not replace or influence the DSG that is assigned to each Sunday.

Below are links to additional resources for our 2018 Season of Thanksgiving:

  1.   pdf Write-ups to be read in each service, starting in October (105 KB)  -  We suggest that these be read by the worship leader (as their message, not in addition to) or a member before the service. This gives a nice opportunity to connect a song or hymn to the message that can be played or sung after it is read to give moments of reflection for the congregation. Also, in this way, it does not disrupt the flow or theme of the main sermon message for that day. We also suggest that printed out copies are made available to the members to take home and contemplate during the week.
  2.   pdf Thoughts for Reflection (17 KB) – this is an advance copy of the article that will be in the Autumn VISION, which gives contemplative questions to facilitate discussion among families and congregations about each Thanksgiving topic.
  3. pdf Season of Thanksgiving poster (92.15 MB) - to be displayed in your congregation

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