New Apostolic Church USA


2018 National Synod

District Leaders and representatives from around the country gathered in Atlanta for the National Synod from October 26 – 28. In a continual effort to more effectively teach and relay information, this year’s meeting took on a new format.

On Saturday, the general session of the National Synod opened with spiritual thoughts from District Apostle Kolb that focused on the return of Christ and signs that Jesus is present. He also spoke of the generous giving between the first congregations (2 Corinthians 9:6-15), and the idea that we may be able to give without loving, but we cannot love without giving. Updates were then given on various projects, along with the annual audit reports and election of new officers. The participants also broke up into groups to go through a Bible exercise, where they analyzed specific Scripture passages for meaning and context. This activity was meant to demonstrate one way that ministers can prepare for services.

Also shared within this first portion of the National Synod were plans for conferences that will take place in 2019 around the country:

  • 2 National Priest conferences
  • Flagship Shared Leadership Team conference
  • Flagship Rectors conference

After lunch, the afternoon was filled with small group breakout discussions. Through these discussions, the groups focused on different topics, such as brainstorming ideas on how to promote small groups in our congregations and plans for Confirmation in 2020. The groups then came back together into one large group to discuss and share their ideas.

On Sunday, the group celebrated the divine service with the Atlanta congregation. District Apostle Kolb preached on the verse from Mark 1:11 - Then a voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” The service elaborated on Jesus’ baptism and how His Father’s proclamation of love provided the strength for Him to endure temptations and fulfill His mission. Thus, recognizing God’s love also empowers us to endure and fulfill what He expects of His children to become joint heirs with Christ.

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