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Florida Sunday School Camp

A Report from Apostle Ferguson

In Florida, March is a time for everything to show it is coming alive – including our Sunday School! Beginning on Friday, March 15, children from across Florida began to arrive at the annual Sunday School camp, now in its 11th year. This year, the weekend-long camp was held at Weeki Wachee Christian Camp, near the Florida west coast.

Some families brought their RVs to the camp, while others stayed in bunkhouses. The temperatures were perfect for many to go swimming along with the manatees in the Weeki Wachee River.

All of the children enjoyed the opportunity to play outside and do some planned activities. It was very evident that everyone enjoyed the freedom of movement in a safe environment.

The theme for the weekend was “Rich in Christ,” and the teachers really brought this theme to life. Each child received a small treasure chest to store the various items they received throughout the weekend, including toy coins given out when someone was spotted being kind or doing something nice for someone else.

The children also made “prayer webs.” To do this, they stood in a circle and tossed a ball of yarn around as they shared various prayers, ultimately creating a web. The prayers brought forth from the children were genuine and emotional, including praying for those who have committed suicide, those who have lost children, and those who have parents and grandparents who are ill. It was a very moving experience.

While the children were doing an activity together, there was also an opportunity for the adults to gather and learn more about FaithArc.

During the Sunday service, with 132 in attendance, two Sunday School teachers did a superb job facilitating a lesson highlighting the spiritual riches we have today. The children provided awe-inspiring answers and demonstrated their knowledge of what they have learned in Sunday School.

An impressive fact about this weekend is that it was completely self-funded by those who attended and the volunteers from the Brooksville and Jacksonville congregations. Along with this, it was also wonderful to witness the selfless service of many who worked tirelessly in the kitchen, leading activities, and preparing the music for the divine service.

While I’ve attended many youth camps before, this was my first Sunday School camp. It was a great experience to see what lives in the hearts of the children, and to see what great work the teachers, parents, and volunteers are doing to lay a solid foundation of faith in the children.

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